El-Cykel City-Bike Leader Fox induktora 28 "2020. Dame / Herre

The bike has 7 external gears, disc brakes, sprung front fork, Fenders, lock, support foot, 28 "wheels, luggage carrier and integrated front and rear led lights.
The bike has a 16 Ah (576 Wh) (luggage carrier) with powerful LG cells with a USB output (can be used to charge your phone, navigation and more).
The electric bike is equipped with a Bafang rear motor with a rated power of 250 W and a maximum power of 350 W.

For a fully charged battery:
- 80 km on average
- 120 km max.

The clear color LCD shows the following functions- Five assist modes -

-Walk function (walking speed, eg when walking up a steep hill)
- Display of current, maximum and average speeds
Distance covered: individual rides / total distance
- Day and night mode (display light)
- Battery Charging indicator
The charger and battery are

Start af elcykel

Press the button on the battery

Press the button on the control orange button

Review of
Electric City Bike Leader Fox Inductor

A good stable electric bike that is practical and that takes you on trips around the city
I drove from Viby square and into the city center of Aarhus starting with the highest level 7 and driving out of there,
You can hear the electric motor when it is completely quiet but it does not matter level 7 is too high for the flat road down to level 2 it fits better
Drove up the Langelandsgade hill in 7 gear level 4 no problems it just goes out there.
The electric bike has a rear wheel motor, nicely comfortable compared to the front wheel motor, but you feel like you get a push from behind
The electric bike also has 7 external gears, some of which say more maintenance with external gears.
Work fine
So my conclusions do not fear external gears.
The external gear system is the best-selling system in Europe. In Denmark, most bicycles with internal gears are still sold, but this trend seems to be changing. The external gears are typically seen in Denmark on sports bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes - but are also used more and more on city bikes.
One can know the external gear system on all the external and visible gears.
Advantages / Disadvantages compared to internal system:
+ Low weight
+ High power transmission up to 80% better compared to internal gear system
+ Not so expensive to repair
Requires more maintenance, especially in winter.
- More sensitive to shocks and blows


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